Goodbye to our community

After 7 incredible years dedicated to applied, project-based learning, academic excellence, and fostering agency, Portfolio School closed at the end of the 2022/2023 academic year. Of course this was a sad moment, but we know that what we’ve accomplished at Portfolio will guide us all to build bigger and better things in the future.

To our families (past and present): we thank you for your trust and support. Any learning environment is strengthened by the community that is built around it. We believe a school should be much more than what happens during school hours, and your support, friendship, and love were instrumental in enabling our school to become what it was.

To our students (past and present): you are the essence of Portfolio. You are all beautiful advocates for yourselves, your friends, and your community. You have inspired us every single day in your zest for learning and for your pure intentions to make this world a better place. Remember to keep asking difficult questions, challenging the status quo, and never stop searching for the things that interest you.

To our team (past and present): It has been an honor and a great privilege building this school with you. Your passions and talents have left an indelible mark on the place and—by extension—anyone who has been a part of our community or even stepped foot inside our school.

Portfolio would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of so many educators, teachers, and advisors. To all of you we will be forever grateful.

We wish everyone the best and will look forward to staying in touch with you. Portfolio’s mission doesn’t just stop here, and we hope to continue collaborating with our community to make thoughtful and continuous changes in education across the globe.